Thursday, November 29, 2007

very late quote day

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
Eleanor Roosevelt

I apologize it has been quite a while. Working thirty four hour work weeks with attending three classes all coming up with finals I sadly have not had time to think for myself. I did get to enjoy my family's company. My deven year old brother is up to my shoulder and more adorable than ever.
I like the quote above because lately it seems like my life evolves around discussing others and quite frankly i hate it. So its now time for miraculous change and i am switching my life upside down to become a better person.
Alot will be changing so please bear with me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

famous quote tuesday

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.
Oscar Wilde

Monday, November 19, 2007

the hills

Many people in my life are obsessed with the show the hills. I honestly do not get it. I have seen a few episodes just because i happen to be in the room because this is where the computer is. Some people do not believe its completely staged and scripted. The sad thing is, is that they are complete idiots and then dialogue is soooo dry that it makes me want punch all their writers in the face. If I wanted to watch idiots I would find people myself

Thursday, November 15, 2007

tolerance? really? are you sure?

Ok first off I do not like looking up our governenr to find out exactly what laws he just signed to find pictures of him in a speedo. I do not ever want to see any of my politicians in a speedo. It is wrong.
Back to what I am really baffled at today. So I read up a little on the laws he just passed, you know the ones banning discrimination in schools, they are gross. It is so gay kids or transexuals or whatever do not get discrminated against. First off you are not really allowed to say anything that may be even a little discriminatory in their eyes about alternative lifestyles. Are you FREAKING kidding me?!!! I could honestly throw up with the lack of intelligance the people that our running our land have. Is there not a FREAKING first ammendment anymore? Seriously? It is to the point where if a mom decided to say that she believed that marriage should be between a man and wife she could get in some serious troubles. How is this tolerance? SHe is not bashing or ridiculing just stating her view on a topic. I as a christian had to grow up in schools that in my view point taught me nothing but lies in science. How is that not being intolerant. I also must state that there are a lot more christians in schools then there are homosexuals.
First of all I am sorry for any homosexual kid or transexual that got bullied or got his ass kicked but I still have a right to free speech. And may I mention that if they are going for the whole TOLERANCE take on this how is it tolerant to anyone who opposes. They are making it illegal to teach about the nuclear family.
I will continue this tomorrow after I research more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

seriously san diego?

So I was looking at the news on san diego when I found this article. Now I realize I already wrote an entry today but this upset me so much that i had to write what I like to call an EMERGENCY blog.

Failing Eighth-Graders Not Being Held Back

11-14-2007 5:08 AM
(San Diego, CA) -- The San Diego Unified School District says only 28 of the hundreds of eighth-graders who did not meet middle school graduation requirements were held back from high school. Under a new policy, students who ended the year with two or more Fs in math, English, history or science were supposed to be held back, but most were allowed to move on because their parents took advantage of a provision. About 11-percent of eighth-graders, or 856 students, fell into this category.

Seriously San Diego? Let's reward children with bad grades. Sounds awesome. I cannot state too much on this since I never attended public jr. high and I only had one year of it while I was homeschooled. But, if these kids cannot handle the work of the classes they are in why would anyone believe they could handle high school. Not only is the curriculum harder but there is more going on socially and emotionally as well. I just don't get it. It is setting them up for failure in the long run. Now I realize that there are exceptions like a kid couldn't concentrate because his parents are getting divorced at that time but I am tlking in general. Kids that age don't tend to have the clearest mind set and if they are already showing signs of not being responsible then they need to realize that before shoving them in with the sharks.

presidential issues

I ws avoiding my term paper this morning so I decided to look up some presidential things on line to keep myelf updated. I have no chosen which way I swing politically so I was just looking up ALL candidates to see what I could find out about their views on diferent things. Anyway while I was looking I found a site that showed how much funding candidates were getting and if they were spending it. I am not quite sure how accurate the website is but I came to realize how much money America wastes on silly political stuff. I mean sure its importan to get your name out there and have America know your stand on things but I don't see how it takes millions and millions of dollars. It makes me mad and just proves to me that they don't really care about the country they just care about winning. Is that just me? It literally makes me sick inside that, that money is being used for that. There are starving and abused people that live in shelters or on the street that probably deserve that money more than these rich folk. I honestly believe we as a nation can think of a better way to be avle to make an educated decision about our next president without spending that much money.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tuesday=famous quote day

Character is higher than intellect...A great soul will be strong to live, as well as to think.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 12, 2007

limits on my kind

I am a seventeen year old freshmen in college. I finished my highschool classes a year ago almost to this day but didn't officially graduate until a few months later because of paperwork. I graduated a year and a half early. I currently live with a family that is not my own. I hold a decent job and do well at it. I also attend school. I feel that I lead a pretty responsible life but i am limited to what I am able to do. I cannot even get myself a public library card. I am nearly 18 but i cannot borrow books from the library. It is soo frustrating.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Awards given out now-a-days make me sick. Especially in the entertainment industry. I mean its not good enough for them to get paid sick amounts of money for their job. I am not saying that an actors job is not significant, takes determination and alot of time and without entertainment it would be a dull life but i really think that there are jobs out there that should have better pay than an actor's. Anyhoo, they already get paid too much but then there are these award shows that put way too much money into themselves that it makes me sick plus there are so many in our time that they dont really count anymore because everyone has an award from somewhere. Plus celebrities get gift bags at these functions why the hell do they need free stuff? Honestly most of them will pass 20 bums in the few days following these show that need free stuff more than them. GRRRRR!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

green nbc

I am upset with nbc. I have limited my tv watching to How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies and the nbc line up on Thursdays. I usually work Thursday nights and come home to the recorded comedies that make me laugh so hard I snort. Last night however I did not even watch all of the shows because apparently Al Gore now owns nbc. Its sick because most people won't say anything because its "for a good cause" aka saving the enviornment. I honestly think the "good cause" was al gores wallet. I didn't even watch all the episodes and heard three different name drops of an inconvienent truth. GUESS WHAT we can save the enviornment without watching Al Gore's propaganda.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

excuse me?

My generation seriously disqusts me 90% of the time. I look around public places and hate that because of my age, people associate me with my peers. First off everyone acts a little weird a times and I honestly understand that, and I realize I haven't lived anyone elses life so I shouldn't judge, but when I look around at kids my age I can't stop. I feel that the majority of my peers have no sense of what class is or what work ethic is. It honestly makes me mad and sad all at the same time.
The class thing is a huge issue in the area I live and work in. What ever happened to self respect? I don't understand why no one dresses appropriately. I realize its fun to get dressed cutely and possibly a little sexy to get some attention but there are BETTER ways to do it then have EVERYTHING hanging out. That may be sexy to some people but not the people that want to treat you right. Trust me a little bit more mystery but goes alot farther. Plus guess who else is looking at you, OLD MEN. Not just the single ones but the husbands and fathers as well. You may think you are hot stuff but the majority of us just make fun of you once you are out of earshot. Another thing is pda. I was at school yesterday and on the grass in front of the library was a couple laying down on top of each other making out. Seriously thats gross and i am probably not the only one that thought that. Class is not just self respect though, it is having respect for others. When in public keep private thoughts to yourself. Tell your buddies about the oral sex you gave when you are in the car after you leave the resturaunt. People in the next booth CAN hear you and don't want to hear the hardcore details while trying to eat dinner. k? Sorry that was just a rant but t happened yesterday and seriously disturbed me. Class is easier to achieve when you are cultured and think about more than the preffered sex, crass jokes, celebrities and myspace. I am not saying that i am not obsessed with myspace or that all of that is awful,Everything has its place though. It just seems like when i talk to most kids my age they dominates our conversations. I am so sick of shallow conversations I really am. GO TO A FREAKING MUSEUM! Trust me there is some really neat stuff beyond the myspace culture.
Ok so now about work ethic. Ok so i am not all for capital America but a job is a very important deal in a young persons life. Even if you dont really need the money you will one day, and you want the experience and knowledge before you get thrown out on your own and have no idea how to present yourself in the job situation. A job also gives you a real grasp on the true value of money. Another good thing about a job is it proves that you can be a part of society and take care of yourself in a sense. Work ethic is a very important thing in my idea. I was raised that if someone is paying you to do something, do it well. When I started my current job and did stuff instead of just standing around I got questioned constantly. It was like I was the one doing something wrong. My coworkers are more used to me now but cleaning or organizing while the boss wasn't there was a foreign concept to them. I just want to instill in my generation if we all just stand around at our jobs nothing will get done when we are in charge of our nation. Our parents will die someday and then we will have to do stuff for ourselves like run the country and take care of the poor. It may seem silly that I am taking my ice cream scooping job so seriously but, I am training myself for the future.I plan to step up and take the responsibilty and I hope the rest of my generation is willing to as well.
In conclusion, have some respect for yourself and the people that have to be around you. Whether it be through covering up a bit, saving that juicy detailed conversation for a more private time, or actually working well at whatever job you have.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

introduction to my mind/blog

The reasoning behind my blog is to be able to share my thoughts with others who may or may not agree with me. I am currently a student at a community college. With having said that I am thinking about becoming an emt then a paramedic and also majoring in english so that I can become an editor possibly. As most of my peers often do i have switched what I want to be quite a few times already. Mostly I want this blog to be my essays and collections of thought about politics and how i think the world should change. But I guess before I laid out everything I feel that is wrong with our society I would give you(whoever decides to read this thing) a sense of who I am and where I come from so you can better understand why I say certain things.
Once again I am only seventeen but everyone says i am mature for my age and usually when people meet me they assume i am like 22. I mention this because I am not just on here to discuss celebrities, cute boys, and how my hair looks that day. Sure I have those shallow moments but I am on here to try and make a difference. My generation needs a revolution or nothing will ever get done. So there is a little about me and you will be reading my opinions soon hopefully!