Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today I went out with a good friend who I have known for quite a few years. I love him to death. We went to the beach saw a movie then met my sister and her new possible roommate for sushi. Times like these I realize how different I am from my generation, and why its soo hard for me to make a ton of friends. I do not believe in the whole this is your one life have as much fun as you can. Now I am all for fun but the type of fun everyone keeps talking about is such a disguise. Talking mainly about how you get so wasted you don't remember how you got home. My bestie gets told all the time that she isn't living life because she doesn't drink or get high. Why can't my generation get that actions have reprucussions. Making out with that random hot people can actually hurt others. Everything anyone does in return affects the people around you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

things to learn from star wars

never be too quick to kiss...especially to make the one you love jealous... he(or she) may quite possibly be your twin seperated from birth...

never bring up the fact that it could or could not get worse because in a galaxy far far away this does not mean that it starts raining it means that you get attacked by a dianoga.

being cocky and in love with yourself is hot...thank you han solo

if u meet a member of the opposite sex that you hate right off the bat the odds are you will fall in love with them

though a clone of jango fett...a well skilled bounty hunter...boba fett is easily killed by accidently bumping into him while he is flying his jet pack...which proves all bad guys are "dumb" which leads to there is no point in being scared of them.

don't ever let hayden christiansen in your movie...well unless you want it to suck

all bad guys have tattoos...jabba the hutt for example...unless ove 60% of their flesh has been burned off